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Global Conference On Language, Literature And Culture

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December 10, 2012 - December 12, 2012
Pune, Maharashtra,   India

The academic fraternity world over is preoccupied with various ways of understanding language, literature and culture. In addition to their interrelations and interdependence, the new ideas and approaches emerging from various disciplines like literary theory, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis alongside technological revolution and socio-cultural transformations, have a bearing on our perception of language and literature. The conference aims at exploring this dynamics with a focus on the complimentary nature of language, literature and culture and their centrality in human life.

Contemporary approaches to language and literature; author-reader relationship; culture studies; language and literature in the globalizing world and; their role in fostering human understanding and world peace would be the major themes for deliberations. The interactions are expected to promote pragmatic teaching and translational research in the fields of language and literature.

Themes for Discussion and Presentation

  1. Language, Literature and Ideology
  2. Literature and Culture in Language Learning and Teaching
  3. Culture, Communication and Identity
  4. Intercultural Communication
  5. Culture Studies
  6. Literature as Articulation of Culture
  7. Women Writers and Images of Women
  8. Representation and Resistance in Post-colonial Literature
  9. Diaspora Identities
  10. Literature as Social Discourse
  11. Literature and Globalization
  12. Contemporary Approaches to Literature
  13. Geopolitical Issues in Literature
  14. Language, Gender and Power
  15. Language in Literature
  16. Narrative Texts and Narrative Coherence
  17. Literary Pragmatics
  18. Literary Semantics
  19. Role of literature in Developing Pragmatic Competence
  20. Discourse Analysis
  21. Language and Culture
  22. English Language and Globalization
  23. Language and Literature for Knowledge and Value in a Globalizing World
  24. Language and Literature for Human Understanding and World Peace

Keywords & Tags:  
language, literature, politics, men, women, communication

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