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International Seminar On Al-Quran In Contemporary Society (SQ2012)

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December 01, 2012 - December 03, 2012
Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu,   Malaysia

Seminar on al-Quran (SQ) is a biannual event organised by the Faculty of Islamic Contemporary Studies (FKI). The International Seminar on al-Quran in Contemporary Society (SQ2012) is the third in the series organised by FKI. The SQ 2012 is a continuity of the International Seminar on Qiraat and Qurra’ (SQ2010) and the Seminar on al-Quran and the Formation of Excellent Ummah (SQ2008) with the themes “The Knowledge of Qirrat and Qurra’ Generating Islamic Wisdom” and “al-Quran Creates Excellent Ummah” respectively.

Al-Quran has a very special place in the Muslim community around the world. Besides being a source of law, moral and worship guidance, doctrine of faith; the al-Quran is also the source of civilization, economic, political and social, in fact it covers all aspects related to human life.

The relevance of the al-Quran as a guide is universal and eternal. It is the core to life in a nation and it is proven through the golden record of the glorious history of Islam. Based on this, "al-Quran: A Source of Generating Transformation" is chosen as the theme for SQ 2012.

Through this theme, the international seminar will bring together local and foreign scholars who are experts in various fields, and will offer useful input in outlining strategies to transform ummah holistically. These inputs can also build up the contemporary knowledge based on the al-Quran.

It is hoped that the intellectual discussions in this seminar will highlight al-Quran as the pillar of transformation of human development in various disciplines of knowledge integratedly.

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