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International Conference Buddhism & Australia 2013

Ref#: 2839 , Social Sciences & Humanities Conferences

August 07, 2013 - August 09, 2013
Perth, WA,   Australia

The  2013 conference will have 4 working panels and we estimate to have 100-120 specialists from around the globe. Like the first conference, 2013 will have emphasis on in-depth Buddhist studies.

The 4 working panels in 2013 will be divided into following categories:

  1. History
  2. Philosophy
  3. Texts (Sutras, Tantras, commentaries and translations )
  4. Open topics like “Buddhism in contemporary society”, “Buddhism & Environment”, etc.

Buddhist from all traditions, monastic’s,  academics, scholars and others interested in Oriental and Buddhist studies are invited to present abstracts of their works.

Keywords & Tags:  
history, philosophy, Buddhism

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